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Interested in uploading quotes from your agency management system to Foremost? If you have a Foremost User ID for ForemostSTAR, you are all set to upload. Be sure to read common Data Upload questions listed below.

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Common Questions

Who can upload?

Any appointed Foremost agent with a ForemostSTAR User ID. Currently Foremost is only supporting FSC Rater and California policies.

How do I set up my agency management system or rater to upload to Foremost?

Contact FSC Rater.

Will coverages from my agency management system or rater upload to ForemostSTAR?

ForemostSTAR will default coverages.

Foremost uploads to the following products:





Foremost uploads the following policy transaction:

New Business/Quotes

Will I need to pay a fee to add Foremost to my system?

No. You will not need to pay an extra fee to add Foremost upload to your system.

How does Foremost interface with my agency management system?

Data Bridging enables quote information and new business data entered into your agency management system to be connected to the ForemostSTAR system. This makes quoting and issuing faster and easier.

Is there a seamless login to the ForemostSTAR system?

Yes. All you need to do is go to the configuration area in FSC Rater and add your ForemostSTAR User ID and Password.

Will all fields be filled in through the upload process?

No. Certain fields will not upload and need to be filled out within the ForemostSTAR quote or new business screens.

Will Foremost support any additional agency management systems?

Currently Foremost is only supporting FSC Rater. Please check back for updates.

Will I be able to upload endorsements, billing, claims and policy inquiries?

No. The current release allows you to upload the Motorcycle product for quotes and new business into the ForemostSTAR system.

Will a representative from Foremost be able to help me finish a quote after I upload?

Foremost representatives can only view data that you view and save in the quote. If you don't go through all the pages that contain uploaded data, those pages will not be saved on the ForemostSTAR database. Foremost representatives will have to key in the missing data.